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        An investor’s residence permit in Greece, or the so-called Golden Visa program, has been operating in Greece since 2013 and is by far the most simplified scheme for quick immigration to Greece, and generally to Europe.

        Initially, this program was designed only for property owners in Greece, but now you can invest in stocks, securities, place cash deposits in a Greek bank for a deposit.

       The size of the investment in either real estate or securities should be at least 250,000 euros.

      There are a number of prerequisites for an investor who wants to make investments in Greece in order to receive Golden Visa as a result.

       On the Internet, according to this program, you can find different and mostly inaccurate and contradictory information provided by many amateurs and lovers of easy money.

        On our website you can familiarize yourself with this program, as they say, from the first-hand, as our office has many years of experience and practice under the Golden Visa program, providing full legal support from selecting a property for investment and obtaining an appropriate residence permit for an investor in Greece.

          And so,

the essence of the Golden Visa program is to invest in Greece in the amount of 250,000 euros or more. After the investment is made, the investor is given the right to issue a residence permit in Greece of a European type for a period of 5 years, with the right to receive income from renting out the acquired property, with the right to visa-free visit and stay in the Schengen countries, with the subsequent transition to the category “status of long-term foreigner in Europe”, subject to certain conditions and then after 7 years of owning an investor’s residence permit in Greece with the right to obtain Greek citizenship. The investor is granted the right to obtain a residence permit for family members.

Family members of the investor are:

• legal spouse

• persons who are not legally married, but who prove their cohabitation with each other

• children under 21 years old (their own or adopted)

• parents of spouses

Individuals with personal assets or owners of 100% of the shares of legal entities whose assets will be directed to invest in Greece have the opportunity to participate in the Golden Visa program.

To participate in the Golden Visa program, you just need to conclude an agreement with our law office and issue a power of attorney to conduct the entire process.

The presence of an investor in Greece is necessary only once when applying for a residence permit for 5 years. The rest we take care of all the formalities.

Real estate investing:

- the acquisition of one property or several objects for a total amount of at least 250,000 euros

- the property may be a land plot and further construction (with a total amount of at least 250,000 euros)- Long-term rental of a property for a period of at least 10 years and payment of the full value of 250,000 euros
           In accordance with the provisions of Article 20B of the Immigration Code of Greece (Law No. 4251/2014), investors may be spouses for a total amount of 250,000 euros or one of the spouses for the above amount.A very important and key point of this program is the competent execution of the transaction with the acquired real estate and payment of the entire value of the object at the time of signing the contract of sale.In the contract of sale of real estate should not be mentioned cash (cash) for settlements per transaction.

Settlements must be made only by non-cash mechanism: from the bank account of the buyer in any country (or his close relative) to the bank account of the seller exclusively in a Greek bank. If you omit the above condition, the investment will be unsuitable for obtaining a residence permit under the Golden Visa program.

Prerequisites for obtaining a residence permit for an investor and his family members:

- any Schengen valid visa in the passport

- a completed investment in Greece according to the Immigration Codex of Greece
(a contract of sale of real estate, a certificate of its registration and a certificate of no encumbrance on the acquired property)

Expenses for obtaining a residence permit: 
- investor fee 2,000 euros

- The fee for adult family members (over 18 years of age) is 150 euros.

- proof of kinship (birth certificate, marriage with the seal Apostille)

- health insurance, age rates, see below - insurance for 1 year.


!Medical insurance must be paid every year for the period of validity of the residence permit. Non-payment and lack of medical insurance for the period of validity of the residence permit may result in the cancellation of the residence permit. 

The extension of the investor's residence permit is carried out for the next 5 years, provided that the property continues to be owned by the investor and has no encumbrances.


Our office has been successfully for many years, since the start of the Golden Visa program, providing high-quality legal services in the shortest possible time and with a 100% guarantee of a positive result.

        At your choice, upon your request, we can offer suitable Golden Visa programs and liquid real estate options in all regions of Greece, as well as provide you with full legal support for all bureaucratic steps of this program with a guarantee of quality.

        Specialists - partners of our office can provide a forecast of income from the acquired property, as well as support for real estate after the purchase.